What People Are Saying

In traveling the country in ministry for over 8 years, I have never loved an opportunity more that to speak for BLUSH. The BLUSH team has a radical vision for the community of Kokomo and they do everything in excellence with godliness. I am SO blessed to have the privilege of ministering with BLUSH and am so thankful for the relationships that have been built as a result of our partnership.

- Ashley Bollinger Hicks, founder of PINC Ministry

After going to NORM, I am waaaay more careful with what I post on facebook, text to my friends, and send through emails. I love BLUSH events!

- Facebook comment September 2011

Anytime you have a group of people with a heart for students providing opportunities for students to get after what God is all about…good things happen. The best compliment I can give about BLUSH is that students are still talking about it and asking when is the next event. That is a HUGE deal…keep it up BLUSH!

- Matt Hartke, Youth Director, Kokomo, Indiana

Lighthouse Family Counseling, Kokomo
November 12 and 13, 2010 BLUSH will host nationally known speaker Katie Koestner for NORM: Face it…What’s Your Normal? Founded by a group of motivated local moms, BLUSH promotes physical, emotional and spiritual growth for young women and girls. BLUSH believes that true beauty is found in living up to God’s standards, not the world’s. They are passionate about helping girls make wise choices. The November event marks the second major BLUSH event, the first drawing several hundred young girls and moms. NORM offers sessions for teen (guys and girls) and parents. Dr. Edwards said, “BLUSH is a group of wise discerning women with a heart for seeing young people loved and restored. NORM is a must for teens and parents of teens”.

Three awesome young ladies were inspired by HUNGRY FOR LOVE and acted upon it today! They made an appointment with their principal and asked permission to grow food in a school garden to donate to the hungry. They have a plan and adult help to get it off the ground this spring.

THIS is how you all are making a difference!

A few kids here, a few more there, and soon you have a world-changing, life changing, movement! Way to go!

- Ron Owings, Principal, Northwestern School Corporation, Kokomo


“If you have been to a BLUSH event you know this is a do-not-miss event. If you have NOT been to a BLUSH event you have been missing out and NEED to plan to attend this one! God has been and continues to move POWERFULLY through BLUSH as it is connecting students to issues they are facing each day and connecting those students to God”.