Past Events


November 2016 Oakbrook Church

Does anyone see me? Will I ever fit in? Am I good enough? There is an ever increasing bombardment of voices in our culture dictating who or what we should be…beautiful, rich, famous, strong, powerful, even to the point of what gender am I. These voices often leave feelings of inadequacy, confusion and a false sense of who I should be, driving us to create a more acceptable image.51PmTYgN

Status updates, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat have become the petri dish where we formulate an identity that is more pleasing, one we can hide behind — a Fake ID. This Fake ID allows us a place to hide that even those closest to us don’t see through to the real us.

Friday, November 11, was the evening coed students in grades 7 to 12 enjoyed an energetic challenge from Megan Fate Marshman about who we really are — to ourselves, to others, and to God. Oakbrook Church was the venue for this national youth speaker and student minister who reminded us all that we are loved, accepted and enough. We don’t need to settle for a Fake ID, because the real person God created to love and fulfill His unique purpose is awesome!

A first for BLUSH, our Parent Night Forum was a huge encouragement to the grown ups who want to be their best in raising today’s children and teens. Parenting has always had its challenges, but this age of the “information highway” has added a new voice of influence into the lives of our young people. On the evening of Thursday, November 10, Megan Fate Marshman brought her insights and wisdom, as well as offered a Q & A time, to encourage and equip parents with tools for their parenting journey.


The Gift and All In

May 2016 Oakbrook Church


There are some messages that need to be repeated because the noise of the world can muffle the words that we desperately need to hear…we are loved and designed with a purpose.  Who better to present this passionate message than BLUSH’S first event speaker, Ashley Hicks.  With heart and compassion, Ashley brought to the young ladies, Ashley Hicks Imagewords to encourage, empower and educate them in understanding what a precious gift they truly are! Because of God’s gift of love for us, He desires us to seek purity in all areas of our lives and to understand that purity is a lifestyle.  The way we communicate, the way we dress, and the way we relate to others is a reflection of our heart.  The night included video, dance and a yes/no fashion show to help bring the points home, the evening was complete with a dynamic message and time of intimate worship, all pointing to this message of THE GIFT of God’s great love.

Then she challenged the teen girls to allow this love to captivate them in all areas of their lives, such as dating, purity, social media and relationships…to live ALL IN for Christ in the midst of daily struggles.  This relevant message was brought home with a powerful demonstration as Ashley immersed herself in a pool of water and challenged each of the young ladies to be ALL IN for Christ, giving each an opportunity to symbolically get rid of the things that hold were holding them back from going ALL IN.


The Chase

November 2015 First Nazarene Church, Kokomo, Indiana

BLUSH welcomed Jefferson Bethke to our fall co-ed event. Jefferson is best known for his YouTube videos, especially “Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus,” which became a book titled Jesus > Religion. On November 7th Bethke relayed Jesus’ message of hope, redemption, and freedom. His latest book, It’s Not What You Think, was just released in October.
The night  included words and wisdom with Jefferson Bethke, snacks, and a time of worship lead by Steven Sherwood, Jr.




Five Years of Change….One Heart at a time March 2015-Kokomo First Church of the Nazarene

BLUSH is turning five this year and we wanted to celebrate with YOU! Over the past five years, we’ve watched God do incredible things in the hearts and lives of students and adults in Kokomo through BLUSH events. On March 15, 2015  hundreds of girls and women turned out to  Celebrate! Five Years of Change…One Heart at a Time.

Speaker Katie Wolfe  unpacked the traits of a Godly girl and explained how God changes each of us so we can change our own world. Katie also tapped into the idea of how each girl and woman is able to impact her own life as well as the lives of the other girls and women around their community through mentoring others.

BLUSH  welcomed pop artist and worship leader, Shuree. Shuree creates fun and fierce music that inspires people to live passionately, purposefully, and powerfully. But, more importantly, she’s a young woman who’s passionate about helping girls live lives that are healthy, whole and anchored in faith in God.



BLURRED LINES : the word | the world| mixed messages

Straight up talk about relationships, dating and, yes, sex | speaker Jamey Dickens November 2014-Oakbrook Church, Kokomo, Indiana

DSC_0081When it comes to dating and relationships, teens have been in a constant battle between the world’s expectations and the Word’s expectations. Is “talking” just talking? Does going out on a date suggest you are in a committed relationship? Is sex an important element in testing compatibility and building a “healthy” relationship? Let’s face it… many of us have gotten lost in attempting to define our relationships according to the world’s terms while we lost focus of the ideas God has already laid out for us. The lines our heavenly Father has drawn are blurred when we try to move them into our world. We desire intimate relationships with others, whether romantic or not, because we are created in His image—in the image of a God who is interactive, relational and personal. Just as He longs for us to intimately experience Him, He longs for our earthly relationships to reflect Him. At BLURRED LINES, BLUSH joined dynamic speaker and youth pastor from Buckhead, Georgia, Jamey Dickens and took a bold step in trying to discover what true relationships look like. Jamey spoke Truth into those blurred areas and allowed the light of God’s Word to bring us back into focus. Ephesians 5:8-10 says, “[We] groped [our] way through that murk once, but no longer…. The bright light of Christ makes [our] way plain…. Figure out what will please Christ, and then do it.” On November 15, 2014, BLUSH, Jamey, and young men and women in grades 8-12 joined together to dig into Truth and insights to see what God has to say about dating, relationships, and yes, sex. BLURRED LINES also offered great worship led by local worship leader Joel Larison.


BLUSH Image 2014: What's the truth about REAL beauty?

March 2014 Kokomo First Church of the Nazarene

IMG_3868Tweens, teens and ladies of all ages may have many differences, but deep down, no matter how old we get, we seem to experience and often struggle with similar issues. Girls of all ages struggle with body image, what clothes to wear, friends and frenemies and where our personal focus is – on God or self? Image was a delightful, multigenerational event designed to remind ladies that God  made each of us with a unique image. Image encouraged ladies from 3rd grade through adulthood to examine how we frame that image with our faith, friendship and fashion. International model, author, wife and mother, Rachel Lee Carter, spoke from her personal experience on how we present our image to the world. Rachel shared her struggles with body image, her perspective on friendship and her determination to keep God the focus in her life. She also shared tips and ideas on how to reflect our inner beauty in a society that is overly concerned with focusing on outer appearances. Musician and songwriter, Brianna Caprice, returned  by popular demand to lead us in a time of worship as well as presented a few of her new, original songs.


ONE: Making a Difference One Step at a Time

November 2013 Oakbrook Church, Kokomo, Indiana

John Gray returned to Kokomo for this co-ed teen event at Oakbrook Church. BLUSH partnered with Project 117 for  ONE:  Making a Difference ONE Step at a Time. ONE featured an unforgettable worship experience from top-notch musicians in our area, as well as snacks, interactive elements, prizes and much more!

bAt ONE,  BLUSH  challenged the teens to go beyond themselves to serve and volunteer where they are called whether that be in their neighborhoods, schools, towns, or around the globe.


John Gray challenged over 200 men to MOVE to the next level in their journey to become more Christ-like. John  hit men with  high quality teaching and truth! Men had the opportunity to put that challenge into action by connecting with men for future discipleship or connecting with a ministry to get involved with.


ch@t: where faith and technology connect

April 19, 2013 Crossroads Community Church|Kokomo

Girls are wired for relationships. IMG_4657We long to communicate and we will snatch every opportunity to connect with others.We love sleepovers, lunch chats, giggling, phone calls and being connected in every way possible: through instagram, facebook, pinterest, kik, twitter, talking on the phone, and texting.But what if our faith and real relationships get pushed aside because of our entanglement in social media? What do we do when our friendships become strained because words are no longer spoken with meaning, but are read on a screen? What happens when faith and technology collide? On April 19th 2013 BLUSH presented ch@t: where faith and technology connect! Speaker Rachel Wojnarowski shared fresh ideas on balancing faith, relationships, and social media. Rachel provided practical encouragement for girls to use their God-given desire for personal connection to grow their relationship with God. ch@t was the perfect encounter for girls and their leaders to build lasting friendships and deepen their conversations with God. The evening  challenged girls in grades 3-8 to discover who they are in Christ, invest in valuable relationships, and use social media in a faithful way. BLUSH  welcomed back Johnna Sanburn Myer as emcee for ch@t and were thrilled to have music from the very talented Brianna Caprice.


BLUSH Boot Camp

November 2012 Oakbrook Church | Kokomo, Indiana

get-attachment-1.aspx Writer, producer, comedian and musician John Gray spoke to hundreds of teens and parents in November 2012 at BLUSH Boot Camp:  Basic Training for Your-Not-So-Basic Life. Gray merged Biblical truth with humor as he addressed the daily battles teens face and empowered them to stand with integrity when faced with difficult decisions. The evening included a military inspired obstacle course, an all star worship band, and a drum line performance. christian teen event indiana


The B Event

March 2012 Kokomo First Church of the Nazarene | Kokomo, Indiana

425929_10150631042873722_1190020260_n Johnna Sanburn Myers spoke to girls in grades 3-8 about their worth in Christ, the source of true beauty, and provided practical tips on how to successfully live out their faith at school, with media and fashion choices, and in setting life goals.  Johnna challenged the girls to B what God has called them to be: KIND, PATIENT, and TRUE.


Hollywood Exposed 

November 2011 Kokomo First Church of the Nazarene | Kokomo, Indiana

IMG_9899 BLUSH hosted a two-day event, “Hollywood Exposed” on November 11 and 12, 2011 and it was held at First Church of Nazarene in Kokomo.  The speaker was Tina Marie Griffin, a former Hollywood actress who has become a leading pop-culture expert. With eight years of Hollywood experience, Tina is taking the TRUTH to the streets to spread her message and offer hope and solutions on how we can make the world a better place!  Her topics included violence in the media and the destructive disorders that are a result of today’s film and music industry.  She also discussed issues that are prevalent in the media such as sexuality, alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse.The two-day event targeted students in grades 4-12 to educate them on the misleading and false appeals of the media.  Parents, youth workers, and educators  attended both events.


Blush Bash 2011

April 2011 Oakbrook Church | Kokomo, Indiana

Blush hosted Ashley Hicks, founder of P.I.N.C. Ministries, author and speaker, along with her husband, Dr. Kory Hicks, teen specialist and motivational speaker, for this three-event weekend at Oakbrook Church. Pretty in PINC  was for second grade through sixth grade girls and female adults. This program explored the importance that the world places on being pretty on the outside.  Ashley Hicks lead the girls and mothers to the true understanding that prettiness comes from the inside.  “Pretty is…as Pretty does”. During this program girls and their mothers experienced a fun and inspiring evening filled with practical teachings on topics such as modesty, everyday manners, friendship, bullying, and making good choices. Mother/Daughter Yes & No Fashion Show. View photos here. Power of Pearls was an inspiring and challenging message for women about the value of trusting and living authentic lives.  So often as women we get caught up in trying to have it all together; we lose sight of the beauty that comes from NOT having it all together.  The revelation of this is truly freeing. At the Relentless Conference, teens were challenged to be relentless in their pursuit of purpose and purity. This event centered around the word “relentless” to help teens understand that if they are serious about pursuing purity for their lives. Kory and Ashley Hicks gave powerful messages of relevant teachings that inspired and challenged teens to be committed to purity in many areas of their lives and have a deeper understanding of their true purpose inof=52,235,191-7 life. Kory and Ashley challenged students to choose purity as a lifestyle ~ this includes guarding your heart and mind (TV, internet, music, etc.), as well as the emotional and physical repercussions of sexual impurity. They encouraged the teens to remain RELENTLESS in their pursuit of “ Dating and Waiting” in a world that otherwise says is impossible. The evening ended with a powerful praise and worship time for the teens. Deuteronomy 4:29 “If you seek the Lord you God, you will find Him, if you look for Him with your Heart and with all your soul”.


PJ Party

March 2011 Crossroads Community Church | Kokomo, Indiana

Nearly 1,000 girls (second through sixth grade) and mothers attended our first PJ Party. The evening consisted of what every good PJ (Princesses and Jesus) party should have: lots of girls and moms in their favorite pajamas and fuzzy slippers, fun snacks, a spring fashion show, an all-girl praise band and most importantly lots of girl talk!  In the spirit of a true PJ party, the girls were challenged to Truth and Dare about their self-image, modesty, bullying, and inspiring of others. Each girl received a “ sweet dreams”pillowcase that encouraged them to have sweet dreams and remember the lessons they had learned at the PJ Party. To add to the fun the girls autographed each others BLUSH pillowcases throughout the night.


Hungry For Love

February 2011 Oakbrook Church | Kokomo, Indiana

Hungry for Love was born out of the overwhelming response from the worship experience at the BLUSH Norm event. Area worship leaders from seven different churches collaborated on a cold February evening to provide a night of praise for the BLUSH community. Despite a brief but powerful morning snowstorm that canceled events throughout the community, more than 800 adults, teens, children and families flooded to Oakbrook and brought with them 1,500 pounds of food for Kokomo Urban Outreach and the Kokomo Rescue Mission’s Food To You mobile food pantry. Local pastor Morgan Young delivered a message about the importance of protecting your heart, which hit home with every age group. Underscoring the need in Kokomo, Jeff Newton, of Kokomo Urban Outreach, talked about Proverbs 14:31 says “Whoever gives to the needy, honors God.”



November 2010 Kokomo First Church of the Nazarene | Kokomo, Indiana

Face it…What is a normal relationship?   At NORM, our first co-ed event, BLUSH unpacked what is considered normal in the high-tech teen world and asked the questions, is it safe and God honoring? International expert, Katie Koestner, provided a comprehensive look at the new risks youth may face regarding social networking, cyber-addictions, substance abuse, 74094_455971948721_2591836_nhook-up culture, dating violence, bullying, and other relationship issues. Katie’s combination of anecdotes, research, case studies, and her personal story of sexual assault created an engaging and thought provoking experience for the 1400 middle school and high school students that attended. The impactful evening included social time, snacks, interactive booths, and a rocking, awesome, worship band.

The next morning, Ms. Koestner delivered an eye-opening message to parents, educators, and youth leaders. A panel discussion lead by local experts answered pertinent questions and provided information to help bridge the gap between adults and teens.


Garden Party

June 2010 First Church of God | Kokomo, Indiana

IMG_7576Each girl learned that they are like a priceless, unique, and beautiful teacup, not a Styrofoam throw away in a lovely Garden Party setting.  The young ladies discovered the value of having good manners, the importance of writing proper thank-you notes, and that in God’s eyes each girl is unique and special.  The highlight of the Garden Party was when each girl received a teacup and saucer, donated by hundreds of women in the community.  These gracious ladies committed to praying for a girl by name for one year.The girls were blessed by inspirational talks, special musicians, a lovely luncheon, parting gifts, and shabby-chic garden decor.


Blush Bash

May 2010 Oakbrook Church | Kokomo, Indiana

IMG_6774Through prayer and passion the dynamic ministry of BLUSH was born in May 2010. At our first event, BLUSH BASH 2010, Ashley Hicks, speaker, author, and founder of P.I.N.C. Ministries (Purity and Identity in Christ), inspired more than 1,200 pre-teens, teens, and women at this two-day event. Ashley’s dynamic message shed new light on relevant issues that confront today’s girls. The P.I.N.C program was filled with creative and Bible-based teaching on the most prominent issues that teen girls are facing including: media influences, peer pressure, relationships, true beauty, self-esteem, godliness, soul-ties, fashion, and purity.  God’s love was evident through the powerful messages, worshipful music, and high energy and thoughtful details—-bold zebra print, pink tulle and boas, ice cream sundaes, fabulous giveaways, and BLUSH t-shirts for all.