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Face it…What makes you blush?

In today’s fast paced, always connected, have-it-right-now culture, youth are presented with harsh challenges at an alarming rate: disturbing images, violence, cheating, bullying, sexual decadence, and more. They encounter  intense peer pressure and difficult choices every day. It is not an overstatement to say that how they cope with this environment and the choices they make will affect the rest of their lives, and the lives of many others.

BLUSH was born in 2010. It grew from the collaboration of parents, neighbors and community leaders who answered a kingdom call for the next generation: to help youth realize they were created for so much more than the status quo. What began as an outreach to equip youth and families to make informed, wise choices has evolved into a movement.

BLUSH is a non-profit organization that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. It is the vision of BLUSH to support existing youth programs and churches in their work with the next generation. We host large events to help youth make wise choices in an ever-changing world, and to aid parents and youth leaders who are guiding them. In the past seven years BLUSH has hosted numerous events that have impacted thousands of lives. Youth are being inspired to take a stand, to make positive choices, and to be an influence for Christ.

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Valerie Cuthbert, Chair

Amy Pate, Treasurer

Amy Bitner, Secretary

Teresa Devaul

Kara Gingerich

Janay Martin

Robin Van Auken

Renee Westbrook

Brooke Good, BLUSH Office Manager brooke@iblush.org