BLUSH is a nonprofit organization focused on sparking a change in the hearts of today’s youth through community events. These events create an exciting environment where students are encouraged to worship and have real, honest conversations about issues in our current culture. The heart of BLUSH, however, is to go beyond one-time events. BLUSH is part of a movement encouraging both our youth and our society as a whole to look beyond culture, to powerfully live in but not of, and to be an example to others. We are stretching and challenging our community, including ourselves, to be intentional about living the lives to which Christ has called us. BLUSH is engaged in a deeper conversation that seeks to open the door for anyone, regardless of age, race, gender or background, to seek and find the Truth. We invite uncommon teachers of all levels — from nationally known preachers to gifted communicators in our own backyard — to take part in a revolution of the heart. Above all, BLUSH seeks to empower everyone who hears our message to live counter-culturally — to respect themselves, to make Christ-centered choices and to pursue healthy relationships. We invite you to join us, and we ask you this: Face it … what makes you BLUSH?

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